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A strange and elusive bird-like creature, with a human face and a large body.

Information[ | ]

Belago has a chance to spawn in any dungeon at any floor. Unlike other NPCs, her location marked by a small portal, which when interacted with teleports the player to another room, where they'll find Belago. She will then proceed to flee, and the player must chase her through several rooms, with limited time to do so. She'll leave footprints on the floor, which will fade over time; if the footprints completely fade before the player reaches Belago, she will disappear. However, if caught, she'll reward the player with a Mysterious Egg.

Belago's event is not a one time only, and can happen multiple times per dungeon, but only once per floor.

The most optimal strategy to reach Belago is so simply rush and ignore enemies while following her footprints. She is elusive, however, and will sometimes leave multiple footprint paths; the player must find the footprints that face towards the other side of the map, rather than the ones that are backwards and track back to the initial room.