Children of Morta Wiki

Uncle Ben can upgrade and enhance the Bergsons equipment, granting them various boosted stats.

Upgrades[ | ]

By spending Morv, the family's stats as a whole can be improved.

Upgrade Description Boost Found
Agility Increases the Bergson's chance to completely dodge enemy attacks. Dodge Chance Defeat the Goblin Siblings
Armor Up Improves the Bergson's maximum health by improving the family's gear. Max Health Automatic
Compulsion Increases the Berson's rage gain rate. Rage Gain Unknown
Precision Increases the Bergson's critical chance. Critical Chance Defeat the Spider King
Resilience Decreases the effects of all movement hindering attacks on the Bergson's. Effect Resistance Defeat Babylon
Sharp Weapons Increases the Bergson's critical hit damage. Critical Damage Defeat Babylon
Swiftness Increases the Bergson's movement speed. Movement Speed Automatic
Warfare Increases the Bergson's base attack damage. Primary Damage Automatic

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