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The Book of Rea is one of a mystical artifact owned by Grandma Margaret. It is used improve the performance of the Bergsons.

Upgrades[ | ]

By spending Morv, the family's stats as a whole can be improved.

Upgrade Description Boost Found
Gemstone Proficiency Increases the rate at which gemstones are dropped. Gemstone Drop Rate Unknown
Hoarder Increases Morv dropped from enemies. Morv Drop Chance Unknown
Obelisk Remembrance Increases the efficiency of obelisk effects. Obelisk Duration Unknown
Runic Knowledge Unlocks Runes for various slots. Increases Rune's durability. Rune Durability Unknown
Wisdom Increases the amount of experience gained from enemies. Experience Gain Unknown

Related Achievements[ | ]

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Ancient Knowledge Ancient Knowledge Upgrade The Book of Rea 5 times.
Ancient Mastery Ancient Mastery Upgrade The Book of Rea 15 times.

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