Caeldippo Caves

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Caeldippo Caves
Caeldippo Caves.gif
  1. Silk Caverns
  2. Lost Trenches
  3. Anai-Dya's Dominion
Description Caves home to the spirit Anai-Dya, and now the Dread Valley Spiders and the Goblin Tribes due to the Corruption.

The Caeldippo Caves are one of the dungeons in Children Of Morta.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The caves are made up of three sections: the Silk Caverns, the Lost Trenches, and Anai-Dya's Dominion. The Dread Valley Spiders were driven into the Silk Caverns by the corruption. Anai-Dya is the spirit of the Caledippo Caves, and she rests somewhere deep within.