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Charms are powerups gained during dungeons, they are lost on death.

List of Charms[ | ]

A list of Charms.

Icon Charm Description Effect Cost
Black Foot Icon Black Foot Increased move speed and dodge chance at the cost of being unable to evade. Increases movement speed by 1.5 and dodge chance by 10% and can no longer evade.
Bloodstrike Icon Bloodstrike Increased primary attack damage at the expense of decreased maximum health. Increase primary attack damage by 20% and decrease maximum health by ??%.
Brooch of Insanity Icon Brooch of Insanity Greatly increase critical hit chance and damage at the cost of a slow, constant drain of health. Increases critical hit chance by ??% and drains 1 health point every second. 2 Gemstones
Cursed Potion of Life Icon Cursed Potion of Life Increased maximum health at the expense of decreased primary attack damage. Increases maximum health by ??% and decreases primary attack damage by ??%.
Divine Gift Icon Divine Gift Drop a divine item. Drops a random Divine Grace or Divine Relic. 2 Gemstones
Essence of Finesse Icon Essence of Finesse Increases movement speed. Increases movement speed by ??.
Essence of the Obelisk Icon Essence of the Obelisk Gain the effect of a random obelisk of Morta. Grants the effect of one of the 8 Obelisks.
Feather Pin Icon Feather Pin Increased dodge chance. Increases evade chance by 3%. Can stack additional charms to increase the chance.
Ferocious Token Icon Ferocious Token Ferocious enemies do reduced damage. Reduces damage from ferocious enemies by ??%.
Gemstone Wrapping Icon Gemstone Wrapping Drops a gemstone. Drops a single gemstone on use and is consumed.
Greater Gemstone Wrapping Icon Greater Gemstone Wrapping Drops three gemstones. Drops three gemstones on use and is consumed. 2 Gemstones
Health Potion Icon Health Potion Restore a portion of your maximum health. Restores ??% of your maximum health. Consumed on use. 2 Gemstones
Hearty Invigoration Icon Hearty Invigoration Temporarily increase rage gain. Increases rage gain by ??%.
Potion of Life Icon Potion of Life Increased maximum health. Increases maximum health by ??%.
Reckless Precision Icon Reckless Precision Increased critical hit chance. Increases critical hit chance by ??%.
Relic Slot Machine Icon Relic Slot Machine Reroll all Divine Graces. Changes all of your Divine Graces currently equipped into new ones. Possible to reroll the same ones.
Ring of Ambition Icon Ring of Ambition Corpses have less chance to get corrupted and spawn enemies. Decreases corrupted enemies spawn chance by ??%.
Ring of Regeneration Icon Ring of Regeneration Constant health regeneration, health globes heal less. Regen ??% of maximum health every ?? seconds, but health globes heal for ??% less health.
Stone Hide Icon Stone Hide Temporarily become invulnerable. Become immune to damage for ?? seconds.

Related achievements-trophies[ | ]

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Charming Bergson Charming Bergson Use 5 charms in the same dungeon run.