Children of Morta
Children of Morta (15)
Developer(s) Dead Mage
Director(s) Amir H. Fassihi
Designer(s) Shervin R. Rad
Norman Ghasemi
Artist(s) Soheil Zarghami
Composer(s) Hamidreza Ansari
Platform(s) Win, OS X, Linux
Release date(s) TBA
Genre(s) Rogue

Recently funded at Kickstarter, Children of Morta is described as a hack-n-slash roguelike adventure game starring the Bergson family. For years the Bergsons enjoyed a peacful life, the parents rasing their children to become Guardians. One day, their peaceful god is gone, corruption comes to the mountain and life as they knew it has changed. Anxious to find out what happened, the Bergson family set off on an adventure deep into the mountain, encountering many dangers along the way. Join the family as they seek the seeds of life to use against the corruption and face the unknown perils of their journey. Players will be able to play as any of the family members , each with their own special abilites, emotions and struggles. 

The game has a unique art style blending the old-school 2D pixel art aesthetics with a few modern lighting and rendering techniques, bringing to life a world of fantasy and mystery. The game music is based around orchestral renaissance tunes with many variations to please your ears while taking this journey with the Bergsons.

Platforms Children of Morta will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The full release will be distributed on Steam as well as a DRM-free download


Children of Morta Gameplay 1

You play as the family member of your choice and journey into the lands of Mount Morta in order to reach the peak of the mountain, aiming to find the source of the corruption that is destroying the lands.

Every adventure into the lands lets you experience procedurally generated levels with various enemies and collectible items that add new abilities to your hero. Collecting useful resources from the levels and taking them back to the house will let Grandma Margaret and Uncle Ben create useful items and gear that can then be used by family members as part of the persistent progression system in the game.

City of Morta Gameplay 2

While there exists a specific story arc in the game, you see various procedural narrative events and have the option to follow those events and experience your own unique story. This is the narrative-based roguelike part of Children of Morta. Level generation is fully procedural in this game, you will never play the exact same level twice (well, for the math geeks out there, actually this might be possible, but the probability is extremely low!)

Children of Morta Gameplay 3

Narrative meets Roguelike in Children of Morta. You will experience permadeath and travel through new procedurally generated levels and content with each playthrough, but there exists a single story overarching the game. This story is filled with surprises, mysteries and emotions and will be narrated with the game events, quests, environments, and most importantly, by the interactions between the Bergsons.

Procedural narrative events blend within the main game story and provide you with options to explore this rich world as you wish. Different players playing Children of Morta will have different experiences while following the same main story.

About the Bergsons

Children of Morta (10)

The Bergsons have their unique family culture. The elder members play an important role, especially grandma Margaret, who talks about the ancient stories and prophecies about the magical Mountain and their family heritage. Each of them has their own individual style and preferences, but their family bonds and their trust in each other are unheard of for those who do not live in the land of Morta. You will learn about their culture as you play the game and become part of their adventures. Who knows, you will very well internalize this culture in your real life! Although beware that some of their rituals are not to be tried at home!

Mount Morta

CoM Mount Morta

Mount Morta

To the villagers and people living on the outskirts of Mount Morta, the mountain is everything. Full of history, legends and magic; a symbol and source of life, health and prosperity. Mount Morta’s diverse environments host many creatures and forms of life: the Caeldippo caves to the west, where the goblins live, Postigala forest in the east and the Masks Temple right in the center of the mountain, all filled with mysteries and wonders waiting to be explored. Now its once beautiful and high peaks are now turned into dark and hostile areas filled with corrupted creatures.

Mountain Gods and Divine Relics

CoM Mountain gods

The mountain gods are part of the mythology of the lands of Morta Some believe in them and some think they are just some myth the people want to believe in. Their stories were told by Grandma Margaret, however, separating reality from folktales is not the best skill of the beloved grandma. If the gods are not a myth, they will help you overcome the corruption as you journey in the lands of Mount Morta by rewarding you with their divine relics. The divine relics can be found inside the game levels and they modify your stats and give you new abilities that can be used in combat. These items are found randomly in each level and are lost upon death, adding diversity to each playthrough. Every god has its own set of relics, giving the family members unique abilities within the theme of that god.


Children of Morta (5)

Not all the animals in Mount Morta are corrupted by the dark evil. You might find them wandering in the lands and they can become your companions, if they don't get frightened by you that is. The unique features of these pet companions can complement the Bergsons' and give them an edge In combat. The Bergsons, as the guardians, have always been great with animals and the animals know how to return the favor.


Children of Morta Enemy Sketches1

The once healthy animals and creatures of Mount Morta have now turned into corrupted demonic creatures. The Bergsons would need to get past these dark monsters in order to get to the peak of Morta and find the source of corruption. The bosses are gatekeepers in Mount Morta which have been corrupted. They will block your way and trying to pass them will lead you into an epic Boss Fight!

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