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Divine Graces are temporary powerups gained by a hero during a dungeon run. They confer a passive ability on the hero. They are lost when the hero dies and the run ends. They contrast with Divine Relics which are active powerups. The player can hold multiple Divine Graces at a time, and they may be found in event rooms, greater chests, or bought from the Shopkeeper.

List of Divine Graces[ | ]

A list of Divine Graces.

Icon Divine Grace Description Effect Cost
Ace's Contingency Icon Ace's Contingency Chance to throw an axe while attacking. ??% chance to throw a projectile in the direction you are attacking. 3 Gemstones
Atar's Ignition Icon Atar's Ignition Damaged enemies burn in fire. Apply a ticking fire damage debuff to enemies you hit. 3 Gemstones
Bladeslinger Icon Bladeslinger A melee companion that fights by your side. Summons a tiny robot that attacks nearby enemies. ? Gemstones
Blood Owed Icon Blood Owed Nearby enemies take damage when you are attacked. Deal ?? damage to enemies whenever you're hit. ? Gemstones
Bramble Wrappings Icon Bramble Wrappings Damages enemies on contact. Deal ?? damage to enemies you walk into. 3 Gemstones
Choker of Elusion Icon Choker of Elusion Increased dodge chance. Increases your evade chance by ??%. ? Gemstones
Dazing Spheroid Icon Dazing Spheroid A companion that stuns enemies. Summons a tiny robot that occasionally stuns enemies around it. ? Gemstones
Eleventh Hour Icon Eleventh Hour Deal double damage while your health is below 25%. Increases your damage by 100% whenever your health is below 25%. ? Gemstones
File:Fatal Blow Icon.png Fatal Blow Primary attacks have a small chance to instantly kill the target. 3 Gemstones
File:Gemstone Pact Icon.png Gemstone Pact Every 25 combo kills grant you a Gemstone 3 Gemstones
Gift of Life Icon Gift of Life Increased maximum health. Increases max health by ??. ? Gemstones
Grim's Orbit Icon Grim's Orbit Flames orbit you, damaging enemies. Two fireballs circle you, dealing ?? damage to things they come in contact with. 3 Gemstones
Keen Edge Icon Keen Edge Increased primary attack damage. Increases primary attack damage by ??. 3 Gemstones
Lifelong Pal Icon Lifelong Pal Heals a portion of your life once in a while. Summons a tiny red blob that heals you for ?? health every ?? seconds. 3 Gemstones
Lucky Charm Icon Lucky Charm Increases the amount of morv gained. Increases morv drop rate by ??%. ? Gemstones
Mighty Touch Icon Mighty Touch Your primary attack has a chance to stun. Whenever you hit an enemy with your primary attack, you have a ??% chance to stun them. ? Gemstones
Rebirth Icon Rebirth Upon receiving a fatal blow, revive at a modest portion of maximum health. When you take fatal damage, you are revived at ~50% health and the Grace is destroyed. ? Gemstones
Reflective Stone Icon Reflective Stone Chance to fire projectiles in different directions upon being hit. Chance on hit to shoot ~6 projectiles out from your position. ? Gemstones
Scepter of Proficiency Icon Scepter of Proficiency Increased critical hit chance. Increasse critical hit chance by 10%. 3 Gemstones
Shardslinger Icon Shardslinger A ranged companion that fights by your side. Summons a tiny robot that shoots at enemies. 3 Gemstones
Spoon of Mol Sli'Got Icon Spoon of Mol Sli'Got Small chance to recover health when attacking. ??% chance to recover ?? health whenever you hit an enemy. 3 Gemstones
Swift Shanks Icon Swift Shanks Increased movement speed. Movement speed increased by ?%. ? Gemstones
Tonic of Rejuvenation Icon Tonic of Rejuvenation Return to maximum health at the start of a new floor. On moving to a new floor, your health is refilled to max. ? Gemstones
Venom Coating Icon Venom Coating Poisons damaged enemies. Apply a ticking poison damage debuff to enemies you hit. 3 Gemstones
Yuki the Seal Icon Yuki the Seal A protector that provides armor and occasionally negates all incoming damage. Provides ?? armor and a chance to nullify incoming damage. ? Gemstones