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Divine Relics are temporary powerups gained by a hero during a dungeon run. They confer an active ability on the hero.

Contrast with Divine Graces which are passive powerups.

At first the player may only hold one Divine Relic at a time, but can swap them out if multiple Divine Relics are available in the one area. Swapping drops the previously held Divine Relic on the ground where it can be swapped for the current one.

Divine Relics may be found in item rooms, event rooms and greater chests.

List of Divine Relics[]

A list of Divine Relics.

Icon Divine Relic Description Effect Cost
Black Despair Icon.png Black Despair Create a vortex that pulls enemies in. Summons a large vortex that draws enemies towards it and prevents them from moving elsewhere. ? Gemstones
Divine Shield Icon.png Divine Shield A temporary shield that absorbs all damage received. Explodes when it expires, dealing the damage back. Any damage taken while using this relic will be returned in an AoE around you, damaging any enemies nearby. 3 Gemstones
Dragon of Sol Icon.png Dragon of Sol Summon a dragon that damages enemies and leaves a damaging pool. Summons a dragon that damage enemies in a circle around it and leaves a pool behind that deals ?? damage to enemies that walk through it. 3 Gemstones
Electrocalypse Icon.png Electrocalypse Create a temporary aura that damages nearby enemies. Deal a constant ?? damage to enemies in a circle around you. ? Gemstones
Emerald Pulse Icon.png Emerald Pulse Release a massive pulse, pushing enemies away from you. Pushes enemies back in a large circle around you. ? Gemstones
Enmiring Brace Icon.png Enmiring Brace Create an area that slows and damages enemies. Summons a puddle that slows and deals ?? damage to enemies. ? Gemstones
Heaven's Justice Icon.png Heaven's Justice Call forth a sword of the divine to damage enemies. Summons a sword to your position that deals ?? damage to enemies in a large circle around you. 3 Gemstones
Jin's Potion Icon.png Jin's Potion Heal a portion of your missing health. Heals ??% of your maximum health. The Relic is consumed on use. 3 Gemstones
Pulsating Orb Icon.png Pulsating Orb Shoot a missile that grows larger with time and explodes on impact. Shoots an orb in front of you that grows larger the further it gets. Explodes when it touches an enemy. ? Gemstones
Ring of Cloaking Icon.png Ring of Cloaking Become temporarily invisible. Turn invisible, causing enemies to lose track of you. 3 Gemstones
Spare Time Icon.png Spare Time Reset the cooldowns of all your abilities and fill your rage. All abilities come off cooldown and fills the rage bar, allowing you to use Guardian's Rage. 3 Gemstones
Spiral of Doom Icon.png Spiral of Doom Cast a magical stone that spirals outward from you and damages enemies. Summons an orb that spirals out from you and deals ?? damage to enemies before disappearing. ? Gemstones
Totem of Anahid Icon.png Totem of Anahid Create a totem that slows enemies. Drop a totem on the ground that slows enemies in a circle around it. 3 Gemstones
Totem of Deception Icon.png Totem of Deception Create a totem that distracts all enemies. Summon a totem that draws enemies towards it, giving you some breathing room. ? Gemstones
Totem of Defiance Icon.png Totem of Defiance Create a totem that knocks enemies back. Summons a totem that pulses to push enemies away from it. ? Gemstones
Totem of Rostam Icon.png Totem of Rostam Create a totem that greatly buffs you. Summon a totem that gives you ??? buffs. ? Gemstones
Totem of Warding Icon.png Totem of Warding Create a totem that shoots at enemies surrounding it. Summons a totem that shoots 3 projectiles towards an enemy. ? Gemstones