Children of Morta Wiki

In Children Of Morta a tragic event in Morta corrupts the roots of life deep in the mountain and since the corruption of the god of Mount Morta, his rage and anger has turned all the Creatures into sick, furious Enemy Monsters. The Bergsons family, guardians of Mount Morta, live in their house at the mountain side. They try to reach the peak of the cursed mountain to find out what happened to its god and how they can change his doomed fate! Now the land's only hope is for the Bergsons to find the seeds of life and use them to cleanse the corruption.

Below are some of the enemies you will encounter in the lands of Morta and the dungeons.

List Of Creatures[]

A list of enemies found in the dungeons.

Sprite Enemy Description Location
Anarchy Spider.png Anarchy Spider A mechanical spider. TerraLava
Archer Goblin.png Archer Goblin A goblin skilled with a bow. Caeldippo Caves
Bat.png Bat A tiny bat that darts at enemies. Caeldippo Caves
Chain Ball.png Chain Ball A mechanical contraption with a ball and chain it spins to attack enemies. Barahut
Charger.png Charger TerraLava
Constructor Mech.png Constructor Mech TerraLava
Crawler.png Crawler A beast that burrows in the sand and spits at enemies. Barahut
Fire Breather.png Fire Breather TerraLava
Ghost.png Ghost A thief that attacks from the shadows. Barahut
Green Spider.png Green Spider A green spider that spits acid. Caeldippo Caves
Mage.png Mage Attacks with spells. Barahut
Masher Goblin.png Masher Goblin A giant goblin that mashes enemies to the ground with his giant club with such force that it makes damaging shockwaves. Caeldippo Caves
Mummy.png Mummy A slow moving enemy wrapped in streamers of cloth. Barahut
Reaper Mech.png Reaper Mech TerraLava
Red Spider.png Red Spider A tiny spidder that skitters. Caeldippo Caves
Scorpion.png Scorpion A tiny, fast moving scorpion. Barahut
Skeleton.png Skeleton The skeleton of a dead adventurer wielding a sword. Caeldippo Caves
Slipper Shell.png Slipper Shell A spiked tortoise. Barahut
Snake.png Snake A tiny snake that lunges at enemies. Barahut
Spear Soldier.png Spear Soldier A master of the spear, skilled in ranged and melee attacks. Barahut
Spider Queen.png Spider Queen A giant spider that shoots webs and baby spiders. Caeldippo Caves
Wind Charger.png Wind Charger A fluffy red goat with sharp teeth. Barahut

Dark Creatures[]

A list of dark enemies, they can be found in any dungeon.

Sprite Enemy Description
Dark Claw.png Dark Claw A hunched dark beast with sharp claws.
Dark Jelly Dad.png Dark Jelly Dad A giant ball of dark goop. Spawns Dark Jelly Sons on death.
Dark Jelly Grandson.png Dark Jelly Grandson A tiny ball of dark goop.
Dark Jelly Son.png Dark Jelly Son A large ball of dark goop. Spawns Dark Jelly Grandsons on death.
Dark Masher.png Dark Masher A hulking dark beast.
Dark Nest.png Dark Nest A giant egg of darkness that spawns dark enemies.
Dark Shaman.png Dark Shaman A dark being capable of summoning monsters and using spells.
Dark Waller.png Dark Waller A conglomeration of eyes and tentacles.
Dark Wizard.png Dark Wizard A tall dark being that uses spells to summon AoEs on its enemies.
Dark Worm.png Dark Worm A tiny blob that inches towards its enemies like a worm.


A list of bosses found in the dungeons.

Sprite Enemy Description Location
Gyn, the Machine 0030.png Gyn, the Machine 0030 TerraLava
Nohar, the Stone Golem.png Nohar, the Stone Golem The corrupted golem guardian of Anai-Dya. Caeldippo Caves
Ou, the Mountain God.png Ou, the Mountain God The God of the mountain.
Tree of Prosperity.png Tree of Prosperity A pale tree, corrupted by the dark. Barahut


A list of minibosses found in the dungeons.

Sprite Enemy Description Location
Babylon.png Babylon TerraLava
Bushra, the Scorpion Queen.png Bushra, the Scorpion Queen The lover of Anai-Raha. Barahut
Goblin King.png Goblin King The twin of the Goblin Queen. Caeldippo Caves
Goblin Queen.png Goblin Queen The twin of the Goblin King. Caeldippo Caves
King of Thieves.png King of Thieves Barahut
Spider King.png Spider King A giant spider that summons multiple spider minions. Caeldippo Caves