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Grandma Margaret
Grandma Margaret Standing
Description A mysterious old woman with skills in alchemics.

Grandma Margaret is one of The Heroes, one of the Children Of Morta and the alchemist of the household. She is John's mother, and a very knowledgeable old woman who wields powerful magic, and knows a lot about the Corruption. She is the keeper of the sanctuary below the Bergson's house.

Codex[ | ]

Margaret is the foundation of the Bergson family.

In her youth, because of her knowledge of the arcane and her research into the hidden corners of the world, she was called a witch and was even banished from her home for a time. But when a plague ravaged the people of the midlands, her compassion and her skills in treating the sick made them reverse their views and welcome her back among them. Some of them even believed she was a descendant of the Holy Spirits of the land.

She married Adam later, and after his disappearance and presumed death, not only raised their son John, but also took in her husband's elder son Ben. She took their education seriously, and sent them to faraway lands to train both in battle and in sciences.

During the years that her sons were away, she lived in their home alone and made her living by administring healing and dealing in medicines and herbs. Nowadays, with her sons back, and her grandchildren around her, she keeps busy looking after their education. However, her busy houselife never dampened her curiosity, nor stopped her learning.

Personality[ | ]

Margaret is a gentle soul, with a lot of wisdom to share. Ever curious and energetic, even at her older age, she never stops a second. Always digging her older books or brewing all sorts of concoctions. Following her husband footsteps, she devoted a huge part of her life into studying the Corruption. Her knowledge is invaluable for the Bergsons to dwell into the dungeons.

Although mostly immersed in her studies, Margaret enjoys spending time with her beloved family. Her favorite pastime is reading them stories at night near the fireplace, captivating them with her favorite tales.

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