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Joey Render
Description Newly found son of Ben, and an experienced brawler. Joey’s large build and strong arms have made him a dependable fighter.
Fighting Style Melee ➜ Brawler
Primary Attack Basic Swing: Joey swings his hammer in a slow arc before him.
Evade Charge: Joey charges forward, knocking back anything in his path.

Joey (Sometimes referred to as "Joe Shinobe") is one of The Heroes, one of the Children Of Morta, and Uncle Ben's son. His mother is Sheila, who has passed away years before the events of the game.

Codex[ | ]

Newly-found son of Ben, and an experienced brawler. Joey's large build and strong arms made him a dependable fighter. He learned to fight from his mother Sheila, who was a famous warrior in Terralava. When he was young, he joined Sheila in the resistance groups fighting against the cruelty of Gyn and the machines who ruled their homeland. During one of their operations he was captured by the Corrupted machines. His captivity lasted several months, until his mother helped him escape, but she was killed in the fight that ensued. After that, he had no recourse but to leave Terralava for a while.

When he returned, he was determined to continue his fight against Gyn, and that's when he received unanswered letters that Ben had sent Sheila. Reading his father's pleas and professions of love for his mother changed his mind, and he decided to go to rest of the Bergsons - whom he'd never met - to help them with the their fight against the Corruption. His first effect on his family, even if he didn't realize it himself, was to cause Ben to quit his excessive drinking.

Although Joey loves exercise, and despite his intimidating physique, he has a kind heart and a soft soul.

Personality[ | ]

Joey is soft-hearted gentle giant that cares deeply for his family. After meeting the Bergsons, he quickly became a part of the family and was welcomed with open arms. His bounding with Ben resulted into him quit drinking, and Joey loves helping his father in his workshop.

Joey enjoys using his spare time to train, and found in Mark a strong friendship and rivalry, often sparring with him.

Joey starts to develop romantic feelings towards Linda, often talking to himself into confessing to her.

Gameplay[ | ]

Joey's gameplay can be described as a "Berserker". Many of his abilities trigger after he takes damage or is low on health, making him a very high risk, high reward character. He boasts from large swings with his hammer, and excels at dealing area-of-effect damage in close range. He can work as a tank of sorts in co-op, however trading survivability for pure damage.

Pros[ | ]

  • Highest health in the game.
  • High damage-per-hit, with each attack dealing significant damage.
  • Vengeance and Iron Will allow Joey to deal more damage as he is injured.
  • Smite and Whirlwind are very powerful area-of-effect abilities.
  • Forceful Evasion is a core part of his gameplay, as it can be used offensively and allows him to easily close the gap between his opponents.
  • Can passively increase the rage generation and Guardian's Rage duration of the other characters.

Cons[ | ]

  • Slowest and largest character in the game, being an easy target.
  • His slow swings can make harder to hit faster enemies.
  • Lacks any defensive abilities like John, meaning that despite his high damage output, he actually goes down very quick if played too recklessly.
  • Very reliant on the other family members passive traits to be truly effective, specially John's.

List Of Abilities[ | ]

Rank 0
Forceful Evasion
Active: Skill Lv 0
Joey evades with such force that enemies are damaged where he lands.
Passive: Skill Lv 0
Receiving damage provokes Joey, significantly increasing the damage of his next primary attack.
Rank 4
Kin's Brace
Trait: Skill Lv 4
Joey's bravery and fearlessness boosts the family's will, increasing the entire family's rage gain rate.
Active: Skill Lv 4
Joey smashes the ground with heavy force, damaging enemies in front of him.
Guardian's Rage
Active: Skill Lv 4
Strength builds in Joey. He moves with such force that he damages anything he comes into contact with.
Rank 8
I'll Clear a Path
Trait: Skill Lv 8
Joey appears when his family members are surrounded by a horde of enemies to perform his whirlwind.
Iron Will
Passive: Skill Lv 8
When low on health, Joey's will to survive motivates him even more, increasing his movement speed and damage.
Active: Skill Lv 8
Joey's stamina fills by damaging enemies, allowing him to perform Whirlwind, damaging all around him.
Rank 14
Family's Hammer
Trait: Skill Lv 14
Family members gain Joey's Divine Smite Runes.
The More the Merrier
Passive: Skill Lv 14
There's no better weapon than a hammer to take out many foes at once. When surrounded by a horde of enemies, Joey gains a damage boost.
Divine Smite
Active: Skill Lv 14
Joey concentrates his strength to smite even harder, releasing a wave of energy that travels forth.
Rage Globe
Passive: Skill Lv 14
Consuming health globes also fills Joey's rage.
Rank 20
Cousin's Devotion
Trait: Skill Lv 20
Joey's support encourages the entire family, increasing the duration of their Guardian's Rage ability.
Nimble Wind
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Improves mobility while performing Whirlwind.
Unstoppable Force
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Joey becomes more intimidating. Any foe who damages Joey from melee distance is stunned.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • During early development of the game, Joey was to form a relationship with John's daughter, Linda.
    • Reminiscents of this concept can still be found in the game, in moments where Joey talks to himself about Linda, implying his romantic feelings for her.
  • Joey's design in the early development was slightly different, wearing a small cloak over his vest.