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John Render
Description A master at fighting with sword and shield, nothing can stop this father from protecting his family. The weight of his father’s old sword and his shield, a gift from his brother Ben, might slow him down; but his slashes are powerful and sweeping.
Fighting Style Melee ➜ Warrior
Primary Attack Basic Swipe: John stands still while swinging his sword in a large arc before him.

Shield Block: John raises his shield, negating damage at the cost of stamina. Allows use of Shield Slam & Shield Dash.

Evade Lunge: John lunges forward out of harm's way. 1 charge.

John is one of The Heroes, he's one of the Children Of Morta and the father of the Bergsons household. He is the son of Adam and Margaret, and younger half-brother to Ben. John is married with Mary, and with her had four children, with a fifth one on the way.

He is the first playable character, and is featured in the tutorial, teaching the player the fundamentals of the game.

Codex[ | ]

A devoted father and a wise warrior, John is the ever-vigilant guardian of his family and home, always on the lookout to counter any threat, even before it becomes a problem.

In his youth he went north to learn swordsmanship. There, he got recruited into a band fighters to stand agains the goblin raids and their banditry, and took part in several skirmishes. Around that time, he saved a northerner farm girl from the goblins and subsequently falls in love with her. They took each others' hands in marriage under the linden trees in the Old Barahut, and made a home there. It was in those years that their first two children, Linda and Mark, were born.

But their life got harder when Boshra, the ruler of Barahut, started to crack down on her people and oppress them, forcing John and his family to leave the North for the land of his father.

Years later, when his mother Margaret found clues and signs that his long lost father Adam might still be alive, John set off to look for him in the Caeldippo Caves. He wandered those caves for weeks, but all he finds from him is his heirloom sword.

These days, he makes it his job to guard the caravans passing through their southern borders against the goblins, and his name is known far and wide among those who journey the oft treacherous lands around Morta.

Personality[ | ]

John is a stoic man who is willing to do everything to protect his family, wielding a shield as proof of this resolve. While he knows that he taught his children well into taking care of themselves, he can't help but worry to let them wield arms to join in the fight against the Corruption, specially his youngest children, Kevin and Lucy.

John is deeply in love with his wife Mary, nourishing and taking care of her in the best way possible as they await for the birth of their fifth child.

Gameplay[ | ]

John is a balanced fighter and an excellent pick for new players. His primary attacks cover a wide arc in front of him, allowing him to effectively crowd control, while his shield provides near invulnerability as long he has stamina. He excels in co-op as he can effectively be a tank, providing protection to the other player thanks to his shield.

Pros[ | ]

  • Second highest health of all the characters, after Joey, and tied with Mark.
  • Primary Attacks have decent speed and range.
  • Can negate damage through shield block.
    • While holding his shield, John is can perform sword thrusts while keeping his guard up.
    • Shield of Thorns allows him to reflect damage while shielding.
  • Heaven's Strike provides great on demand area-of-effect damage from a safe distance.
  • Has the highest number of active skills in the game as he has access to two additional ones, Shield Slam and Shield Dash, while holding his guard.
  • Shield Slam and Shield Dash are excelent crowd-control and keepaway tools.
  • His Guardian's Rage is one of the best in the game against bosses, as it gives John brief invulnerability.
  • Can passively increase the maximum health of the other characters and also provide them health regeneration.

Cons[ | ]

  • His Primary Attack damage is below average.
  • Poor mobility, having only one Evade charge.
  • Heaven's Strike has a very high cooldown.
  • His Stamina drains very fast when shielding against various attacks in succession, specially against hordes of enemies.
  • Relies too much on Divine Relics, Graces and Charms to be truly effective.

List of Abilities[ | ]

Rank 0
Shield of Thorns
Passive: Skill Lv 0
Melee attackers take damage when blocked by John's shield.
Heaven's Strike
Active: Skill Lv 0
Call down swords from the heavens upon John's enemies.
Rank 4
Of the Same Blood
Trait: Skill Lv 4
Increase the max health of all family members.
Aged Vigor
Passive: Skill Lv 4
Increase John's armor.
Guardian's Rage
Active: Skill Lv 4
Unleash your rage to become temporarily invulnerable and deal thorn damage to attackers.
Rank 8
Father's Authority
Trait: Skill Lv 8
Family members gain Heaven's Strike runes for their various abilities.
Shield Slam
Active: Skill Lv 8
Fracture the ground at John's feet with his shield, to damage, stun, and knockback nearby enemies.
Heaven's Grace
Passive: Skill Lv 8
Chance for John's primary attack to reset Heaven's Strike cooldown and guarantee a critical hit.
Grit and Might
Passive: Skill Lv 8
Increase John's maximum stamina.
Rank 14
Father's Protection
Trait: Skill Lv 14
John appears to shield any attack that would cause fatal damage to any of his family members.
Shield Dash
Active: Skill Lv 14
Charge forward with John's shield to damage and stun enemies. Uses 1 evade charge.
No Quarter
Passive: Skill Lv 14
John deals additional damage to enemies who are near death.
Rank 20
Father's Passion
Trait: Skill Lv 20
Ever thinking of his family, John's love transcends physicality, slowly regenerating the health of his family while in the dungeons.
Shield Blessing
Passive: Skill Lv 20
John's Ancestral Shield absorbs damage when blocking, increasing the damage of his next shield-based attack.
Last Stand
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Upon receiving fatal damage, John gains a small portion of health and becomes invulnerable for 5 seconds.

Gallery[ | ]