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Journals are special items in Children of Morta. They can be found in the dungeons through all the maps, and flesh out a bit more of the lore of the game.

Grandfather's Journals[ | ]

These journals refer to Grandpa Adam, the patriarch of the Bergson family, who is presumably deceased before the events of the game.

Caeldippo Caves[ | ]

Caeldippo Caves - Missing Caravan[ | ]

The caravan went missing several days ago. Due to the cave's proximity to the grove, Drake called in that favor I owed him. Maybe now he can let that whole fiasco in the Barren Seas go. Rea forgive me for thinking wood would float on water... but I digress. We continue the search for the caravan in the morning.

Field Report - Adam

Caeldipp Caves - Missing Caravan Cont.[ | ]

Evening. Caravan - found. Delilah joined Drake and myself in searching. It feels like the good ol' days with the gang. We found the caravan but were unable to reach it in time. The travelers are deceased, cause of death unknown, but a dark substance oozes from them. We seek to consult with Anai-Dyna on the cause.

Field Report - Adam