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Kevin Render
Description The youngest son of John and Mary, and of course the boldest and the swiftest. He uses his daggers with prodigious skill, and once immersed in combat, his speed is such that only his shadow can be seen.
Fighting Style Melee ➜ Assassin
Primary Attack Dagger Swing: Kevin swings his daggers before him, picking up speed the more hits that connect.
Evade Dodge Roll: Kevin rolls forward, out of the path of danger. 3 charges.

Kevin is one of The Heroes, one of the Children Of Morta and the grower of the household.

Codex[ | ]

Kevin has no interest in knowing what is going to happen, but to make it happen himself. This takes a will and a bullheadedness that, according to Uncle Ben, he has directly inherited from his grandfather Adam.

The night he was born, a lightning storm that many still remember to this day raged outside. Mary was at the end of a very difficult pregnancy and going through an even more difficult birth. His father still hadn't returned from his month-long search after Grandpa Adam in the Caeldippo Caves.

Kevin barely drank any milk during his first days of life, and he cried almost constantly. Until his father returned he finally stopped and accepted suckle.

He was brave even as a baby; almost too brave, bordering on foolhardy. A trait he still keeps to this day, caused by his grandmother Margaret to advise John against training him in fighting with weapons. He loves exploring the forest around their home, and finding cultivating weird mushrooms and rare plants.

Personality[ | ]

Kevin is a kind, yet energetic boy who is always wanting to prove himself. He wants to do his part in the family to help fight the Corruption, much to the worry of his mother, Mary, who initially is against Kevin taking part in venturing the dungeons. Kevin is often supported by Uncle Ben, who gave Kevin the incentive to hone his skills by crafting him a pair of daggers. John often thinks that he should've helped Kevin to train more to help the family.

Kevin is often haunted by nightmares, which he believes are some kind of message or phophecy. Despite that, he doesn't share those dreams with the rest of the family, fearing the worst.

After he is finally acknowledged by Margaret and Mary and is allowed to join the fight of his family, Kevin is constantly seen training outside the house or in his room, something he takes very seriously. Among his hobbies he likes tending plants, as noted by the various potted plants found in his room.

Gameplay[ | ]

Kevin is a nimble combatant that specializes in dealing damage quickly. He employs a high risk, high reward gameplay where each successful attack against enemies cumulatively increase his attack speed. If properly played, he can clear rooms filled of enemies in seconds. He truly shines in co-op by having other characters to enable him.

Pros[ | ]

  • Very mobile, having three Evade charges, the highest of any character in the game.
  • Can potentially deal the highest damage-per-second in the game.
  • Fan of Knives is a powerful area-of-effect skill, specially when Kevin is surrounded.
  • Shadow Cloak is both a defensive and offensive ability.
    • Non-boss enemies will lose interest in Kevin when he cloaks, being a great tool when needing to retreat.
    • Attacking enemies below 50% health has a chance to instantly kill them.
  • Can decimate bosses with his Guardian's Rage combined with Shadow Dance.

Cons[ | ]

  • Low health.
  • Short range on his Primary Attacks.
  • Primary Attack speed is relatively slow until he gets the max stacks of frenzy.
  • High skill ceiling, being difficult to master.
  • Less experience players can find themselves taking more hits than landing.
  • Doesn't really shine until the endgame, when more upgrades have been purcharsed / unlocked.

List of Abilities[ | ]

Rank 0
Passive: Skill Lv 0
Successful attacks stack together, sending Kevin into a focused frency, increasing attack speed.
Fan of Knives
Active: Skill Lv 0
Release a flurry of knives in all directions around Kevin.
Rank 4
Sharp Kid
Trait: Skill Lv 4
Kevin instructs the rest of the family on where the weakest parts of the enemy are, increasing the family's critical damage.
Shadow Cloak
Active: Skill Lv 4
Send Kevin into the shadows, vanishing from sight and allowing him to move around unhindered. Chance to instantly kill weaker enemies on the following attack.
Guardian's Rage
Active: Skill Lv 4
Unleash Kevin's rage to send him into the ultimate frenzy!
Rank 8
A Knife for All
Trait: Skill Lv 8
Family members gain Kevin's abilities' runes.
Active: Skill Lv 8
Emerge from the shadows to deal massive damage.
Fleeting Shadow
Passive: Skill Lv 8
Increase Kevin's dodge chance, making it more difficult for his enemies to land an attack.
Rank 14
Spirit of the Family
Trait: Skill Lv 14
Kevin appears when his family members are hit by a ferocious enemy to perform his Execute.
Nimble Fingers
Passive: Skill Lv 14
Increase Kevin's critical chance against his foes.
Shadow Dance
Active: Skill Lv 14
Release Kevin from the shadows, attacking enemies in a deadly flurry.
Passive: Skill Lv 14
Kevin temporarily gains increased dodge chance immediately after being hit.
Rank 20
Refined Edge
Trait: Skill Lv 20
Kevin teach the family techniques he has continued to develop to maximize efficiency, further increasing the family's critical damage.
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Kevin's primary attacks have a chance to kill an enemy instantly.
Rogue Luck
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Upon receiving fatal damage, Kevin instead instantly enters Shadow Cloak.

Gallery[ | ]