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Mark Render
Description John and Mary’s eldest son, he has devoted his life to obtaining balance, physically and mentally. His continuous, well-thought-out, and focused kicks and punches resemble a ritualistic dance rather than combat.
Fighting Style Melee ➜ Monk

Mark is one of The Heroes, one of the Children Of Morta and the eldest son of the household.

Codex[ | ]

Deep, focused and precise, Mark learned early that he couldn't find all his answers in the outside world, so he focused on the world within.

His mother Mary often retells the story of the time that he got lost as the turning point in his life and what made him become a monk: when he was a young teenager, he went on a hunting trip with his father John and his sister Linda. A boar attacked their father and injured him, and Mark gave chase to finish it off. On the track of that board, he got lost and fell into a ravine. A monk found him and nursed him back to health, and talked to him about their way of living in harmony with nature. After a few days, he returned to his deathly-worried family a new boy. He no longer would pick up a weapon or eat the flesh of animals. A practice he has kept all through the years, despite his father's mild disapproval.

While growing up, he also found an interest in some of his grandmother's work, namely ancient languages and herbalism. As a young man, he ran into the same monk that had saved him years before, and this time he decided to don the robe and become a monk. Although his parents were against this at first, Margaret changed their minds and sent him on his way to the monastery in the forest.

During the years spent there, he learned disciplines of martial arts and meditation. Even when he is away from the monastery and with his family, he still dreams of returning to its tranquility and meditating beneath the ancient trees.

Personality[ | ]

Mark is a disciplined and calm individual. His spirituality greatly grew after his years at the monastery, where he trained both his mind and body to become a better person and achieve spiritual enlightenment. His absence is greatly felt by all the family members, specially Kevin, who wants to be strong as his older brother. Mark's return after feeling unbalance caused by the Corruption brought happiness to the Bergson's house, and the young man now felt ready to defend his family with his own hands.

Mark can often be found meditating in his room. Following the doctrines of the monk who saved him, he became a vegetarian. He also tries to keep his best to maintain his form, often training, and found in Joey a great sparring partner.

He also takes great interest in herbalism, something he inherited from Grandma Margaret, often pondering about sneaking into her room to read her herbalism books and notes.

Gameplay[ | ]

Mark is a fast and hard-hitting fighter specialized in hand-to-hand combat. He can unleash a series of punches and kicks to attack his opponents, and is capable of controlling the space around him, with abilites that can either pull or push enemies. In co-op he is great at chunking enemies together so the other player can capitalize. His gameplay is defined by a hit-and-run tactic.

Pros[ | ]

  • Primary Attacks auto-target nearby enemies.
  • Can reduce incoming damage with Atman's Barrier.
  • Has abilities that improve and benefit from increased critical chance.
  • Scourging Whip provides a area-of-effect stun with a good range and arc, and pulls enemies close enough for Mark to retaliate.
  • Swirling Staff is great to give Mark some breathing room when surrounded by enemies.
  • Vault is a great area-of-effect ability which allows Mark to use his Evades offensively.
  • Can passively increase the Evade charges of the other characters.

Cons[ | ]

  • Lowest range of all the characters in the game.
  • His auto-target sometimes don't hit the most optimal target.
  • Scourging Whip has a slow start-up and a somewhat deceptive radial range, meaning some enemies can evade it by walking to the sides.
  • Doesn't really shine until the endgame when more upgrades have been purchased / unlocked.
  • Highly dependent on high critical chance to be truly effective.

List of Abilities[ | ]

Rank 0
Atman's Barrier
Passive: Skill Lv 0
Primary attacks fill Mark's Armor bar. Recieved damage is reduced but will deplete the armor bar.
Scourging Whip
Active: Skill Lv 0
Mark lashes out with a magical whip to stun and grab any enemies in front of him.
Rank 4
Float like Mark
Trait: Skill Lv 4
Mark inspires the family to work on their footwork, increasing the regeneration rate of their evade bar.
Assault Blitz
Passive: Skill Lv 4
Increase the range of Mark's primary attacks, allowing him to dash further toward his enemies.
Guardian's Rage
Active: Skill Lv 4
Concentrate Mark's rage to empower him and execute a series of powerful punches.
Rank 8
Brother's Support
Trait: Skill Lv 8
Family members gain Guardian's Rage runes for their various abilities.
Spirit Surge
Passive: Skill Lv 8
Deal more damage as Mark's Atman's Barrier grows in strength.
Swirling Staff
Active: Skill Lv 8
Summon a magical staff to smash and knockback Mark's foes.
Passive: Skill Lv 8
Mark gains an increased critical chance bonus based on the kill counter.
Rank 14
Have Your Back
Trait: Skill Lv 14
Always available to help, Mark appears when a family member reaches a high hit count to assist with his Scourging Whip.
Active: Skill Lv 14
Leap into the air and fracture the ground at Mark's feet to damage and stun any nearby enemies.
Passive: Skill Lv 14
Deal additional damage to any of Mark's enemies suffering from negative effects.
Rank 20
Fluid as Water
Trait: Skill Lv 20
Mark instructs the family in how to quicken their movements, increasing their evade bar by 1.
Atman's Grace
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Landing critical hits charges Mark's Atman's Barrier significantly more.
Restorative Rage
Passive: Skill Lv 20
Activating the Guardian's Rage restores a portion of Mark's health.

Gallery[ | ]