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Mary Standing
Description A loving wife and a doting mother.

Mary is one of The Heroes, she's one of the Children Of Morta and the mother of the household. She is the wife of John, and with him had four children, with a fifth one on the way.

Codex[ | ]

Patient and resilient, and a guardian to the soul of her children and the family. Not a night passes that Mary doesn't think about her family and prays for their health. One can say that her life boils down to one thing: her children.

Mary was the daughter of a farmer from north. When their village was raided by goblins, she was captured and subsequently rescued and brought to Barahut by John Bergson. They lost their hearts to each other in short order and got married.

After the birth of their first two children, the family moved back to John's ancestral home in the midlands. She spent years raising her children, but her life had its own ups and downs. She has an illness that relapses and remits every few years, and the healers have told her not to put herself through any tension.

Mary loves to write, and whenever she finds time between her household duties and raising her children, she scribbles things that she seldom lets anyone else see.

Personality[ | ]

Mary is a caring wife and mother, always looking after those around her, although she can be a bit overprotective. She worries deeply for her family, and is initially against Kevin and Lucy taking part into venturing the dungeons.

One of her favorite pastimes, aside from writing, is to relax in her rocking chair.

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