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Obelisks are features that are encountered during dungeons. When activated, they provide a temporary bonus which lasts a certain number of seconds. After this the Obelisk cannot be re-activated.

Obelisks spawn randomly, and are relatively common.

List of Obelisks[ | ]

A list of Obelisks.

Icon Obelisk Description Effect
Obelisk of Endurance Icon Obelisk of Endurance Strongly reduces damage taken for a limited duration. Reduces damage taken by ??%.
Obelisk of Force Icon Obelisk of Force An exploding force surrounds the Bergson, damaging enemies. Deals ?? damage every second in a circle around you.
Obelisk of Fortune Icon Obelisk of Fortune Significantly increases luck. Increases luck by ??%.
Obelisk of Mastery Icon Obelisk of Mastery Receive more experience for a limited duration. Increases experience gain by 70%.
Obelisk of Skill Icon Obelisk of Skill Greatly increases critical chance. Increases critical chance by 33%.
Obelisk of Spirit Icon Obelisk of Spirit Rage regenerates at a greater rate. Increases rage gain by ~57.2%.
Obelisk of Swiftness Icon Obelisk of Swiftness Move at a greater speed for a limited duration. Increases movement speed by 20%.
Obelisk of Vitality Icon Obelisk of Vitality Instantly heals. Heals you to full health.