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Rea is the dark fantasy world in which Children of Morta takes place. It is described as a place long forgotten, of love found and love lost. Beautiful, but dangerous. Rea appears to contain floating islands as well as land. Three moons/planets are visible in the skies of Rea.

Areas in Rea include:

  • Mount Morta
  • The Forest
  • The Bergsons' Home
  • Caeldippo Caves
  • Barahut - a town or city where festivities are held, Linda would have gone except for the Corruption, it is possibly the same place where the Grape Festival is held and Linda played a song, and where John and Mary fell in love
  • TerraLava - a town or city where healers and traders can be found
  • The Midlands - a forested region where the Bergson's home and Mount Morta are located
  • Dread Valley - a valley infested with giant spiders which were later pushed into the Caeldippo Caves by the Corruption
  • Eastern Shore -

Also vague references to "the north" (where Mary is originally from) and "faraway lands".

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Rea has a similar name to the Goddess Rea Dana.