Children of Morta Wiki

Runes are items that are found in dungeons and lost on death.

Runes are specific to each character, and to each one of their attacks/abilities. For instance Runes that apply to one ability will not apply to another. The player can hold a single Rune for each attack/ability they have.

Runes have a durability and will gradually wear out as the player uses an attack/ability.

John[ | ]

Primary Attack[ | ]

  • Pyro Blade: Primary attack deals fire damage, burning enemies over time

Shield Block[ | ]

  • Knockout Block: Blocking will stun enemies

Heaven's Strike[ | ]

  • Bludgeoning Fall: Heaven's Strike stuns enemies

Mark[ | ]

Scourging Whip[ | ]

  • Kevin's Scourging Knives: Mark releases Kevin's Fan of Knives during Scourging Whip
  • Arcane Strap: Scourging Whip leaves a pool of energy that damages enemies

Linda[ | ]

Explosive Crescendo[ | ]

  • Vortex Shot: Explosive Shot pulls enemies towards the center of it's area of effect

Lucy[ | ]

Primary Attack[ | ]

  • Accelerated Core: Increase primary attack speed, but reduces Sidewinders
  • Rocket Barrage: Primary attack and Sidewinders explode on impact, damaging nearby enemies
  • Three Degrees: Primary attack launches 3 fireballs but Sidewinders are reduced

Cyclone[ | ]

  • Devouring Storm: Cyclone pulls in enemies more forcefully
  • Orbiting Tornado: Cyclone orbit around Lucy
  • Ultimate Storm: Two additional smaller Cyclones are conjured

Decoy[ | ]

  • ???: Decoy has more health
  • ???: Decoy does returns thorns damage to enemies