Runes are items that are found in dungeons and lost on death.

Runes are specific to each character, and to each one of their attacks/abilities. For instance Runes that apply to one ability will not apply to another. The player can hold a single Rune for each attack/ability they have.

Runes have a durability and will gradually wear out as the player uses an attack/ability.

Scourging Whip

Kevin's Scourging Knives

  • Kevin releases Fan of Knives during Kevin's Scourging Whip

Arcane Strap

  • Scourging Whip leaves a pool of energy that damages enemies

Explosive Shot

Vortex Shot

  • Explosive Shot pulls enemies towards the center of it's area of effect



  • Decoy has more health


  • Decoy does returns thorns damage to enemies
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