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Description A warrior at heart.

Sheila is a character in Children of Morta. She was the mother of Joey, and the estranged partner of Ben. She was killed prior the events of the game.

Information[ | ]

Sheila was a shield maiden and a warrior who resided in Terralava. She met Ben when he came to the land to improve his craftmanship, and the two fell in love. However, Ben's excessive drinking drove Sheila away, and he departed back to his homeland. Unbeknownst to Ben, Sheila was pregnant, and gave birth to Joey a couple months after. Ben would send her letters for many years, letters she'd never reply to or show to her son.

Sheila raised Joey with a lot of love and taught him how to fight. When Joey was young, he joined Sheila in the resistance groups fighting against the cruelty of Gyn and the machines who ruled their homeland. During one of their operations Joey was captured by the Corrupted machines. His captivity lasted several months, until his mother helped him escape, but she was killed in the fight that ensued.