Children of Morta Wiki

A list of all available skills and traits.

Icon Skill Type Rank Used Description
Explosive Crescendo Icon.png Explosive Crescendo Active 0 Linda Loose an arrow skyward to fall upon Linda's enemies with explosive foce.
Frenzy Icon.png Frenzy Passive 0 Kevin Successful attacks stack together, sending Kevin into a focused frency, increasing attack speed.
Fan of Knives Icon.png Fan of Knives Active 0 Kevin Release a flurry of knives in all directions around Kevin.
Scourging Whip Icon.png Scourging Whip Active 0 Mark Mark lashes out with a magical whip to stun and grab any enemies in front of him.
Cyclone Icon.png Cyclone Active 0 Lucy Create a tornado at Lucy's location that pulls in and damages enemies.
Protective Ward Icon.png Protective Ward Passive 0 Lucy As long as Lucy remains untouched for 8 seconds, a magical barrier appears around her, absorbing the next damage received.
Heaven's Strike Icon.png Heaven's Strike Active 0 John Call down swords from the heavens upon John's enemies.
Shield of Thorns Icon.png Shield of Thorns Passive 0 John Melee attackers take damage when blocked by John's shield.
Forceful Evasion Icon.png Forceful Evasion Active 0 Joey Joey evades with such force that enemies are damaged where he lands.
Harmonize Icon.png Harmonize Passive 0 Linda Decrease the stamina Linda must consume while moving and shooting, increasing the duration she can perform.
Atman's Barrier Icon.png Atman's Barrier Passive 0 Mark Primary attacks fill Mark's Armor bar. Recieved damage is reduced but will deplete the armor bar.
Vengeance Icon.png Vengeance Passive 0 Joey Receiving damage provokes Joey, significantly increasing the damage of his next primary attack.
Of the Same Blood Icon.png Of the Same Blood Trait 4 John Increase the max health of all family members.
Sharp Kid Icon.png Sharp Kid Trait 4 Kevin Kevin instructs the rest of the family on where the weakest parts of the enemy are, increasing the family's critical damage.
Shadow Cloak Icon.png Shadow Cloak Active 4 Kevin Send Kevin into the shadows, vanishing from sight and allowing him to move around unhindered. Chance to instantly kill weaker enemies on the following attack.
Guardian's Rage (Kevin) Icon.png Guardian's Rage (Kevin) Active 4 Kevin Unleash Kevin's rage to send him into the ultimate frenzy!
We Move as One Icon.png We Move as One Trait 4 Linda The family that moves together, stays together, increasing the entire family's movement speed.
Float like Mark Icon.png Float like Mark Trait 4 Mark Mark inspires the family to work on their footwork, increasing the regeneration rate of their evade bar.
Assault Blitz Icon.png Assault Blitz Passive 4 Mark Increase the range of Mark's primary attacks, allowing him to dash further toward his enemies.
Guardian's Rage (Mark) Icon.png Guardian's Rage (Mark) Active 4 Mark Concentrate Mark's rage to empower him and execute a series of powerful punches.
Guardian's Rage (Joey) Icon.png Guardian's Rage (Joey) Active 4 Joey Strength builds in Joey. He moves with such force that he damages anything he comes into contact with.
Smite Icon.png Smite Active 4 Joey Joey smashes the ground with heavy force, damaging enemies in front of him.
Youthful Optimism Icon.png Youthful Optimism Trait 4 Lucy Lucy's ability to look past the darkness rubs off on the entire family. All members enter the dungeons with one gemstone.
Decoy Icon.png Decoy Active 4 Lucy Leave a decoy that distracts enemies away from Lucy and other family members.
Guardian's Rage (Lucy) Icon.png Guardian's Rage (Lucy) Active 4 Lucy Lucy enters a temporary state between the physical and spiritual, gaining extraordinary abilities.
Kin's Brace Icon.png Kin's Brace Trait 4 Joey Joey's bravery and fearlessness boosts the family's will, increasing the entire family's rage gain rate.
Guardian's Rage (Linda) Icon.png Guardian's Rage (Linda) Active 4 Linda Linda focuses to temporarily push her abilities to their max, drastically increasing her attack speed.
Aged Vigor Icon.png Aged Vigor Passive 4 John Increase John's armor.
Guardian's Rage (John) Icon.png Guardian's Rage (John) Active 4 John Unleash your rage to become temporarily invulnerable and deal thorn damage to attackers.
Inner Rhythm Icon.png Inner Rhythm Passive 4 Linda While standing still, Linda's damage increases with each arrow loosed.
Grit and Might Icon.png Grit and Might Passive 8 John Increase John's maximum stamina.
Storms for All Icon.png Storms for All Trait 8 Lucy Family members gain Lucy's abilities' runes.
Incendiary Shot Icon.png Incendiary Shot Active 8 Lucy Enemies killed by primary attacks have a chance to explode in fire.
Auxiliary Embers Icon.png Auxiliary Embers Passive 8 Lucy Increase the chance of damage of the Sidewinders that burst forth from Lucy's fireballs.
Zen Icon.png Zen Passive 8 Mark Mark gains an increased critical chance bonus based on the kill counter.
Swirling Staff Icon.png Swirling Staff Active 8 Mark Summon a magical staff to smash and knockback Mark's foes.
Spirit Surge Icon.png Spirit Surge Passive 8 Mark Deal more damage as Mark's Atman's Barrier grows in strength.
Brother's Support Icon.png Brother's Support Trait 8 Mark Family members gain Guardian's Rage runes for their various abilities.
Father's Authority Icon.png Father's Authority Trait 8 John Family members gain Heaven's Strike runes for their various abilities.
Shield Slam Icon.png Shield Slam Active 8 John Fracture the ground at John's feet with his shield, to damage, stun, and knockback nearby enemies.
Heaven's Grace Icon.png Heaven's Grace Passive 8 John Chance for John's primary attack to reset Heaven's Strike cooldown and guarantee a critical hit.
Family Lookout Icon.png Family Lookout Trait 8 Linda Family members gain Explosive Crescendo runes for their various abilities.
Harmonic Slam Icon.png Harmonic Slam Active 8 Linda Strike a dominating note, stunning all enemies near Linda.
Whirlwind Icon.png Whirlwind Active 8 Joey Joey's stamina fills by damaging enemies, allowing him to perform Whirlwind, damaging all around him.
Iron Will Icon.png Iron Will Passive 8 Joey When low on health, Joey's will to survive motivates him even more, increasing his movement speed and damage.
I'll Clear a Path Icon.png I'll Clear a Path Trait 8 Joey Joey appears when his family members are surrounded by a horde of enemies to perform his whirlwind.
Absolute Focus Icon.png Absolute Focus Passive 8 Linda While in Guardian's Rage, Linda's movement speed and critical hit chance are all increased.
Fleeting Shadow Icon.png Fleeting Shadow Passive 8 Kevin Increase Kevin's dodge chance, making it more difficult for his enemies to land an attack.
Execute Icon.png Execute Active 8 Kevin Emerge from the shadows to deal massive damage.
A Knife for All Icon.png A Knife for All Trait 8 Kevin Family members gain Kevin's abilities' runes.
Rapid Combustion Icon.png Rapid Combustion Active 14 Lucy While in Guardian's Rage, ignite the air around Lucy, causing an explosion of scorching fire.
Lento to Grave Icon.png Lento to Grave Passive 14 Linda Linda deals increased damage against slowed or stunned enemies.
Family's Hammer Icon.png Family's Hammer Trait 14 Joey Family members gain Joey's Divine Smite Runes.
Lentando Charm Icon.png Lentando Charm Passive 14 Linda Melee attackers become slowed upon hitting Linda.
The Fire Child Icon.png The Fire Child Trait 14 Lucy All family members are reinforced, Lucy appearing to summon a decoy upon evading at just the right moment.
Dust Storm Icon.png Dust Storm Passive 14 Lucy Critical hits have a chance to summon a small cyclone.
Beam Amplify Icon.png Beam Amplify Passive 14 Lucy Increase the damage and range of Lucy's Ray of Fire while in Guardian's Rage.
Rain of Arrows Icon.png Rain of Arrows Active 14 Linda While in Guardian's Rage, unleash a volley of arrows to rain down upon Linda's enemies.
Vault Icon.png Vault Active 14 Mark Leap into the air and fracture the ground at Mark's feet to damage and stun any nearby enemies.
Divine Smite Icon.png Divine Smite Active 14 Joey Joey concentrates his strength to smite even harder, releasing a wave of energy that travels forth.
A Sister's Care Icon.png A Sister's Care Trait 14 Linda Linda appears to perform her Harmonic Slam and stun any nearby enemies when a family member receives heavy damage.
No Quarter Icon.png No Quarter Passive 14 John John deals additional damage to enemies who are near death.
Shield Dash Icon.png Shield Dash Active 14 John Charge forward with John's shield to damage and stun enemies. Uses 1 evade charge.
Father's Protection Icon.png Father's Protection Trait 14 John John appears to shield any attack that would cause fatal damage to any of his family members.
Spirit of the Family Icon.png Spirit of the Family Trait 14 Kevin Kevin appears when his family members are hit by a ferocious enemy to perform his Execute.
Nimble Fingers Icon.png Nimble Fingers Passive 14 Kevin Increase Kevin's critical chance against his foes.
Shadow Dance Icon.png Shadow Dance Active 14 Kevin Release Kevin from the shadows, attacking enemies in a deadly flurry.
Instincts Icon.png Instincts Passive 14 Kevin Kevin temporarily gains increased dodge chance immediately after being hit.
Have Your Back Icon.png Have Your Back Trait 14 Mark Always available to help, Mark appears when a family member reaches a high hit count to assist with his Scourging Whip.
Purge Icon.png Purge Passive 14 Mark Deal additional damage to any of Mark's enemies suffering from negative effects.
Rage Globe Icon.png Rage Globe Passive 14 Joey Consuming health globes also fills Joey's rage.
The More the Merrier Icon.png The More the Merrier Passive 14 Joey There's no better weapon than a hammer to take out many foes at once. When surrounded by a horde of enemies, Joey gains a damage boost.
Unstoppable Force Icon.png Unstoppable Force Passive 20 Joey Joey becomes more intimidating. Any foe who damages Joey from melee distance is stunned.
Deft Hands Icon.png Deft Hands Passive 20 Linda Increase Linda's attack speed and decrease the cooldown of all her abilities.
Nimble Wind Icon.png Nimble Wind Passive 20 Joey Improves mobility while performing Whirlwind.
Cousin's Devotion Icon.png Cousin's Devotion Trait 20 Joey Joey's support encourages the entire family, increasing the duration of their Guardian's Rage ability.
Atar's Wrath Icon.png Atar's Wrath Passive 20 Lucy Chance for burning meteors to fall upon enemies during Guardian's Rage.
Mage's Will Icon.png Mage's Will Passive 20 Lucy Upon receiving fatal damage, Lucy instead conjures a Decoy and temporarily becomes invulnerable.
Soul of the Family Icon.png Soul of the Family Trait 20 Lucy Lucy's continued dancing brightens everyone's day. All family members enter dungeons with another additional gemstone.
Family Harmony Icon.png Family Harmony Trait 20 Linda Linda's violin whispers in the ears of the family, lifting their spirits and further increasing the entire family's movement speed while weapons are sheathed.
Replenishing Focus Icon.png Replenishing Focus Passive 20 Linda Restore a portion of Linda's maximum health each time she enters Guardian's Rage.
Shield Blessing Icon.png Shield Blessing Passive 20 John John's Ancestral Shield absorbs damage when blocking, increasing the damage of his next shield-based attack.
Restorative Rage Icon.png Restorative Rage Passive 20 Mark Activating the Guardian's Rage restores a portion of Mark's health.
Atman's Grace Icon.png Atman's Grace Passive 20 Mark Landing critical hits charges Mark's Atman's Barrier significantly more.
Fluid as Water Icon.png Fluid as Water Trait 20 Mark Mark instructs the family in how to quicken their movements, increasing their evade bar by 1.
Rogue Luck Icon.png Rogue Luck Passive 20 Kevin Upon receiving fatal damage, Kevin instead instantly enters Shadow Cloak.
Assassinate Icon.png Assassinate Passive 20 Kevin Kevin's primary attacks have a chance to kill an enemy instantly.
Refined Edge Icon.png Refined Edge Trait 20 Kevin Kevin teach the family techniques he has continued to develop to maximize efficiency, further increasing the family's critical damage.
Father's Passion Icon.png Father's Passion Trait 20 John Ever thinking of his family, John's love transcends physicality, slowly regenerating the health of his family while in the dungeons.
Last Stand Icon.png Last Stand Passive 20 John Upon receiving fatal damage, John gains a small portion of health and becomes invulnerable for 5 seconds.