Children of Morta Wiki

The Bergsons' Home is a large two-story house where The Bergsons live.

Description[ | ]

It has four bedrooms occupied by Kevin, Mark, Linda and Lucy, John and Mary. In addition it has a Lab which contains a bed for Grandma Margaret, and Uncle Ben's Workshop, which contains a bed where Uncle Ben sleeps. In addition there is a kitchen with a stove, a large living area with a fireplace (below which lies the Sanctum), two fish tanks and a Library at the top of the stairs. The house has intricately carved decorations inside and out.

Between missions the player can view the home and it's occupants, and spend Morv to perform upgrades.

Surrounding the house are a large tree that contains a shrine to Rea Dana, a hilltop lookout, some crumbling ruins on the edge of The Forest, a water well, two ponds and a Training Ground. To the south, a stone path leads into the forest.

The Sanctum[ | ]

Below the house lies The Sanctum, which contains a large magical crystal in the center, and portals to the various dungeons around the outside.

The crystal is said to have fallen from the skies, and it powers the portals. Each Bergson also carries a shard of that crystal, which tethers their mortal coil, saving them from fatal wounds and teleporting them back home. Those celestial shards, despite their size, also have powerful purification powers, being capable of cleansing areas infected by the Corruption.

Uncle Ben's Workshop[ | ]

A small room powered by gears and wheels, where Uncle Ben employs his crafting skills to improve the Bergsons' equipments.

Grandma's Margaret Laboratory[ | ]

A room where Margaret works on her concoctions, as well her mystical artifact, the Book of Rea, which unlocks the hidden potential of the Bergsons and improve their performance inside the dungeons.

The Library[ | ]

Contains all the information regarding the Bergson family, as well the various zones they visit, and also journals found in their adventures.

The Animal Shelter[ | ]

A small barn built by Uncle Ben, to shelter lost animals, include Ryker, a lost cub found by the Bergsons while exploring the Caeldippo Caves.

By feeding animal treats to the animals the player gains bonuses that decrease and eventually expire over the course of some runs.

The Animal Shelter is part of the Paws and Claws DLC.