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Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben Standing
Description A bitter old man, to whom life hasn't been too kind or gentle, but he doesn't let that bitterness get in the way of helping his family.

Uncle Ben is one of The Heroes, one of the Children Of Morta and the master craftsman of the household, being in charge of his Workshop.

Information[ | ]

Ben is the son of Rebecca and Grandfather Adam, and the older half-brother of John. He is the father of Joey, and the widower of the warrior Sheila, Joey's Mother. Uncle Ben can't fight because of losing one of his leg in an encounter with goblins, though he is otherwise able-bodied and strong.

He has a bed in his workshop where he sleeps.

Codex[ | ]

A bitter old man, to who life hasn't been too kind or gentle.

When Ben was young, along with his father Adam and his mother Rebecca migrated from the easter shores to Adam's hereditary home in the forests of the midlands. On the journey, Rebecca fell to a mysterious illness called the Black Fever and passed away. Some time passed and his father met and married a strange woman named Margaret. The fruit of that marriage is Ben's younger half-brother, John.

After a few years, Adam discovered the early signs of Corruption in the world and ventured out on a journey to investigate its nature and origin. A journey from which he never returned. Ben tracked and followed his father's path into the Caeldippo caves. In there, he ran into marauding bands of vicious goblins and lost his lower leg in the fighting, and barely managed to stay alive. Margaret, his step-mother, found him, brought him back home, and nursed him back to health.

Inspired by his disability, he focused instead on scholarship and craftsmanship. A handful of year later, he went to Terralava to advance his craft. Life improved for Ben somewhat when he invented a mechanical leg for himself, and subsequently met, and fell in love with a shield maiden named Sheila.

But his life doesn't stay blissful for more than a few months. His excessive drinking drove Sheila away, and he returned to his home and family, bitter and angry. Since then, he makes a living as a blacksmith and a mechanic.

Personality[ | ]

Ben is a bit of a loner who spends most of his time in his workshop, away from his family, and often drinking, much to his brother John's disapproval. After the Corruption started to spread and the Bergsons were forced to act in order to stop it, Ben began doing his best to support his family in any way possible. He has a caring side underneath his rough exterior, as seen in his relationship with Kevin, crafting him a pair of knives and training him in secret.

His excessive drinking ceased after Joey arrived at the Bergson's home. His bonds with his newfound son greatly improved his relationship with the rest of the family. He feels responsible for taking care of John, and often thinks his brother puts too much weight on his shoulders.

Ben's craftsmanship is remarkable, employing a lot of what he learned from the artisans and mechanics he met in Terralava to create all kinds of intricate mechanisms to make life easier. He is always ready to create the best equipment for his family to venture into the dungeons.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Despite not being directly related to Grandma Margaret, he affectionally calls her "mother".
  • Ben keeps a picture of Sheila in his belongings, although he seem to have lost it.